Bathroom Renovations

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As our customer base grows for clients requiring either a walk in shower or fully fitted disabled bathroom in Ireland,has provided much needed employment for several building contractors. Our team can now cope with the demand created by the increase of our catchment area . Our team have recently been involved in providing both walk in showers and disabled bathrooms in places such as Limerick, Kerry, Waterford and Tipperary. As the popularity of home owners requiring kitchen extensions in Ireland grows at a pace, our team of quality builders can easily cope with this extra demand.


Disabled Bathrooms

Having disabled bathrooms fitted to a home or the workplace can vastly improve the lifestyle and independence of thousands of Ireland’s elderly and disabled population. If constructed in the proper manner, disabled bathrooms will help those suffering from a disability lead a more normal life and be a great benefit. It will help a high proportion of our population achieve something that the rest take for granted. our teams are quality builders and have been involved in providing several disabled bathrooms for many years. The disability bathrooms that we build are all of the highest quality and will satisfy every specific requirement set by our client’s needs. Having a disabled bathroom fitted at home or workplace is more common today than it has ever been. If you need a disabled bathroom fitted professionally.